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PEO Denis Dixon 2006 Platform


PEO’s Public Protection mandate must include ourselves. Specialization foisted on us by interfering Ministries must not be a condition of practice, nor must it condemn us to pigeon holes. Voluntary additional qualifications are great, PEO should list them, plus our original entry qualifications. The current PEO directory with name, employer and address is woefully inadequate.

Continuing Professional Development is fact. Engineers must update just to get work. Imposing arbitrary systems on all members because of laggards is unfair. Attending for points instead of knowledge is non-productive and a likely precursor to more bureaucracy.

Is employment a PEO issue? US Head offices pulling back production and engineering, off-shoring, corporate relocation all reduce available engineering work. Sustained graduation rates and increased foreign trained applicants exacerbate the problem. We cannot expect advocacy bodies to impact much on this, but PEO interacting with Governments may eventually get the message across that we are in trouble. Unfortunately the whole North American economy is in trouble so there are few alternate fields available to retrain into. Perhaps Academe needs to rationalize output with reasonable work expectation. Current oversupply will take a generation to absorb implying that this profession will be under pressure for at least that long. Every Engineer must educate their MPs about our problems. Council must push the issues at the highest levels of Government.

Lesser problems, PEO accommodation, staffing levels, staff and volunteer interaction, access to the profession must be addressed. Visit my web page for comments on these, or check my many comments at Join me there.

With your vote I can continue working for engineers and the other members of the public.

Denis Dixon, P.Eng.

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