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Letter to president Bilanski, my take on the flawed process

 27 September 2007

Professional Engineers Ontario,
For the attention of President Bilanski

President Bilanski,

 Tomorrow at item 9a) on the hard copy or item 9c) if the web agenda is correct, Council is to receive and take action on the Motion which I seconded at the 2007 AGM

I thank the Task Force for the work they have done researching the problem. Some of the new facts verify the problem of which I complained. There are however still some factors that need addressing.

Item 3, para 1 states that the investigation will not seek to identify individuals or allege improper conduct. And yet the first item in the conclusions is that there was “no…deliberate act or intention…”  I accept this finding but am concerned that throughout this process it has been handled like a whitewash cover-up, with the exception of the Task Force’s efforts.

For instance, to date I have received no response to correspondence that I wrote to the then President, The Registrar and the Communications Director.

This report C-442-9a) is the first indication of the extent of the problem. It does not give dates of mailing of the effected newsletters nor does it indicate to how many members the wrong information was supplied. It is clearly worse than the “only two or three Chapters” that the Registrar verbally indicated to me.

The statements by the Registrar to me at that time were that it was too late to do anything and yet this investigation carries the claim that “PEO staff did take timely action to correct the inconsistencies” To date I have received no such correction.

The recommendations 1 to 6 are not earth shattering and are substantially the existing procedure. Proof reading is not rocket science, it just needs diligence. No procedure is fully adequate if staff are disinterested in doing their job or otherwise distracted.

Under our current operating procedure Council should remember that the Registrar is responsible for ALL operational matters. As far as Council is concerned, he was responsible for staff failings in the last election and it should be up to the Registrar to know why the problem happened and to determine what he must do to rectify it.

This has been the second flawed election in 7 years and that should be more than enough for any organization.

Denis Dixon. P.Eng.

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