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PEO March 2007 Status.


“No organization or entity is perfect.”

“Everything must adapt and change.”

With these two maxims there are the relative conceptions of how an organization is doing relative to itself in previous years and to other organizations coupled with the perceived need to change and the various rates for this thought to be appropriate. With 68,000 members there will be a wide range of thoughts on these two subjects. And no two will be identical, at least, not from thinking people.

Unfortunately generalities are the only yardstick that we can get that will be meaningful. It will be a matter of reasonable people deciding to buy-in to the generalities and work at some pace towards progressing the Profession.

PERCEPTIONS. In no particular order and not specifically researched.

The profession is under siege from Ministries, external sources and even internal sources.
PEO does not listen to its members.
PEO members are largely unaware of the issues.
PEO ignores the advice it gets from its own committees and its own staff.
The autonomy of some committees is too much, or too little.

The Profession has too many engineers for the work available thus impacting the labour market, salaries, the immigration process and licensing.

Members have varying competencies and expertise. Some are likely not as good as they should be, most exceed the basic requirement.

Mobility with other parts of the world is not as easy as it could be.

There is considerable Professional apathy. There are small pockets of members who are concerned about various things. There are concerns raised at “Town-Hall” meetings, all of which could have been raised to Councilors or Council if our processes were followed. Very few of these concerns come with suggested solutions.

Proposed Course of Action.

PEO has a certain amount of stability built in by the Act and the inertia inherent in the current process. This stability detracts in some areas from our potential. Various short term solutions applied over the years have hamstrung the Association even further, an example being the Governance process that was left unfinished and even though it was defined as a living document it has not received the review that it deserved.

PEO has a history of doing studies and not following through on implementation. Four years ago we asked for a list of studies and Council motions over the last 20 years which should now be 24 years to reach back to the same benchmark. I have no idea why staff or the volunteer assigned to this task have as yet no published result. I believe that with this back-up information there is enough information to make substantial inroads on our perceived problems.

We have some committees and task forces and sub groups set up. It is a matter of pointing these groups at the problems in their areas and asking for timely suggestions to Council. There are few areas where groups were sunset but some input is still required. There are areas where more volunteer input should be sought, perhaps freeing up staff for staff matters which need addressing.

Action Items.

  1. revisit the 2003 Governance handbook and highlight any areas that are not finalized or which could apparently use input. Allocate these “bits” to volunteers for basic action BEFORE the weekend retreat.
  2. Have DIC look at the ongoing saga of the CDE report from the EMT and decide what really needs addressing and what can be addressed internally.
  3.  Ditto Complaints.
  4.  Clarify that the Enforcement committee is to do policy investigation as well as operational items.  Have Enforcement consider what our Regulations need to say to enable the Exception to be better controlled by PEO.
  5. Institute a task force with a 2 year mandate to examine the Act, Regulations and By-Laws and prepare all changes currently required.
  6. Have the Equity and Diversity look at these current documents a.s.a.p. to highlight any changes needed in those areas.
  7. Form a Council Communication Group to assist in the roll out of all changes to the rest of Council, the Committees and the Membership. This will have no relationship to the Communications Committee that was deemed an operational; committee and was closed down.
  8. Confirm staffing levels. List what every staff member is currently tasked with to identify if there is any surplus capability and if there is possibility for cross-training, particularly into those areas affected by the EIT change
  9. Confirm volunteer levels for the ERC/ARC/Mentorship programs.
  10. Clearly define the PSC mandate w.r.t. standards, guidelines, etc. Ensure adequate staffing.
  11. Confirm if the government liaison manager position is still required. The present dumping of this responsibility onto Bernie Ennis is swamping him.
  12. As part of the original governance exercise define the time requirements for Councilors. Council should be able to call on volunteers to the full extent of time that the job entails and those expectations should be made available to anyone running for office.
  13. Confirm what the education committee should be doing.
  14. Look at the insurance kickback logically.
  15. Look at actual finances with recently imposed Council directives to confirm that we are still operating in the black.
  16. Determine best financing practice for a new building, a REIT or just bank instruments.


…….More specifics to follow……………………

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